Registration Procedure


The application is examined to ensure that the applicant’s trademark is distinctive, does not conflict with an earlier trademark nor resemble a well-known mark nor contain a misleading geographical indication, amongst others.

If the Registrar raises an objection, the applicant must submit written arguments and/or supporting evidence to overcome the objection.

If the application is accepted it will then be advertised for opposition subject to prior payment of fees.

If no opposition is received within 2 months from the advertisement date, the application will proceed to registration.


The application is examined to ensure that it complies with all formal requirements. In the event of non-compliance, the applicant is given an opportunity to rectify the omission or amend the application.

Where the applicant has completed all formalities, the design will be registered provided that he has made payment of the publication fee per view. There is no opportunity for the public to oppose the design application prior to registration. Details of the registration will be published in the Official Journal after issuance of the certificate of registration.

Examination commences after a lapse of 6 months from the filing date. In a straightforward case, it takes an average of 12 months from the filing date for an industrial design to be registered.

If the application cannot be completed within 12 months from the filing date due to the applicant’s fault, the application shall be deemed withdrawn