An availability search for trademarks [identical mark and similar mark search with full advice relating to availability]
A novelty or infringement search for patents [with advice on any relevant prior art]
A novelty or infringement search for designs


Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Domain Names:
Preparing all requisite forms
Ensuring compliance of formality requirements
Reporting, and replying to office actions, adverse reports
Preparing appeals and submissions
Attending hearings, Liaison with authorities
Amending applications, Recording IP transactions
Monitoring of deadlines, Renewal applications
Creating programs for managing IP portfolio


Pre-filing services:
Client counseling and opinions
Interviewing inventors and applicants
Advising on registrability, and patentability
Selecting strong and protectable trademarks & designs
Drafting, reviewing and amending specification
Conducting IP audits, Evaluating 3rd party rights
Developing IP protection strategies
Developing IP defensive strategies


There being no formalities of registration, we provide clients with the following copyright services over a wide range of subject matter (artistic works, literary works, musical works, published editions, sound recordings, architectural works, software, etc.):
Counseling and opinions
Interviewing authors, owners and publishers
Documenting or recording relevant details proving ownership
Drafting Statutory Declarations, and preparing relevant exhibits
Enforcing rights through negotiation, litigation and criminal sanctions


In addition to negotiating, drafting, and enforcing license, distribution and franchise agreements, we help clients to develop strategies and models for the commercialization and licensing of IP rights, and to perform due diligence on the acquisition of IP rights. We also have experience in identifying technologies for potential licensing, assisting with technology transfer agreements, and mediating disputes arising from IP agreements.


We provide opinions in matters of counterfeiting disputes, infringement, passing-off, conflict of rights, trade dress, product packaging, trademarks and related Internet issues, trade secrets and related contracts. We use various methods or means that are deemed the most appropriate to help clients resolve conflict in a cost effective manner through negotiation, settlement, arbitration, opposition proceedings, civil litigation (through our associate legal firm), criminal proceedings, or enforcement through the various governmental authorities.


We handle IP protection, licensing and enforcement matters throughout South East Asia (ASEAN).