Enforcement of Copyright

Copyright infringement occurs when someone without the owner's permission, does any of the restricted acts OR imports infringing copies for commercial purposes or any other purpose which prejudicially affects the copyright owner OR circumvents any effective technological measures used by authors OR knowingly removes or alters any electronic rights management information.

However, there are certain exceptions to the rights given to the copyright owner. The main ones allow limited use of works for non-profit research, private study, criticism, review, reporting current events, charitable or educational purposes.

Copyright infringement can be a civil and/or a criminal offence. Owners should seek legal and/or administrative help as soon as they become aware of the infringement. The Enforcement or the Police are also empowered to raid any premises in which infringing copies of the work or any contrivance used for making infringing copies are suspected to be kept. If a civil action is initiated, the court may award damages, an injunction or account of profits against the infringer.